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Pastors/Leaders Conference

Luganville, Espiritu Santo

28 May to 4 June 2011

Report by Brian Renshaw - Field Coordinator, Vanuatu

The pic on the left is the fruit of 8 years of prayer.  This was taken at the recent pastors, leaders conference that we organized.  This is one of several times that all the pastors came to the altar to renounce their ties to witchcraft especially the witchcraft used in their churches!  In this pic there are pastors from at least 6 denominations and several national leaders of entire denominations. It was a very powerful time of weeping and repenting.  Now we need to pray into this very moment that the pastors will stand on the decisions made here on their knees!!!


The conference started on a Monday with only 21 folks registered.  By lunch time when the opening ceremony was finished there were 40 leaders in attendance.  The numbers grew all week due to the testimonies going out through town until we were near 100 by the end   That is great for a group consisting of only pastors , elders and leaders and not open to the general public on a small island.   

Numbers rarely impress me...  It is the work that happens in the heart that impresses me.  By the middle of the second day all of these church leaders were kneeling at the alter weeping in repentance for their lack of integrity in ministry.  This was a pure move of the Holy Spirit.  These leaders were broken and seeking God to change their hearts and minds.  I have never seen God move so thoroughly here in Vanuatu in the area of Integrity.  No one asked them to come to the alter but yet nearly every one of them did, no one asked them to stand up and repent of witchcraft practices but they did, no one asked them to go tell their friends that they needed to come tomorrow but they did!  

I say no one asked them to come but I feel that the clarification of that statement is a testimony in itself.  The wife of [one of the pastors, for whom I sent a prayer request a few months ago] had died at the hands of a witchdoctor!  He had taken her to the witchdoctor.  He stood up and declared that the teaching they were hearing was true and biblical and that he had failed to follow these truths and had lost his wife!  He then encouraged the entire group to take everything to heart and really listen to what the Lord was saying.  So they were not asked to come but encouraged to listen and take it to heart by a man who lost his wife to the witchcraft just 2 months earlier!  This public repentance of a man who is very influential in this country seemingly broke through so many layers of confusion and opened the door for many confessions and statements of repentance!


By the end of the week we saw over half a dozen denominations represented and well over 20 people groups/language groups.   That in itself is a miracle of unity in Vanuatu!  

There were healings, random and prayed for.  At least 2 times the interpreters were overcome by what the Spirit was doing and unable to continue translating.  One interpreter's eyes were healed while interpreting.  We saw prophesy come forth from the Lord that was very specific and in one case has already come to pass in the life of the person.  The testimonies are seemingly never ending.  

All those miracles and power experiences are wonderful to see and even to hear about but if they are only for the moment they really aren't worth too much.  We pray and work for lasting fruit in our ministry.  That is why the most exciting testimony is that which we have heard since the conference.  We have heard that the notes from the conference have been taken back to the churches and denominations and are being studied.  We have heard lots of pastors who now have a personal daily devotion time with the Lord due to attending the conference.  I have even heard parts of the teaching re preached at different services I have attended since the conference.

Most exciting for us is that we recently heard that a whole denomination is taking the study of integrity to their own yearly national pastors conference.  So we see that this fruit is not sterile it is reproducing already and one month hasn't even passed.  Please pray with us that it will continue to reproduce.

I hope someday I can share with you more of what the Lord did and how He worked through the teams that came from New Zealand and USA to bless the leaders of Vanuatu.  Thank you Andrew, Margaret and Graham from NZ and Tom, Rachel and Tammy from USA and every one of you who supported them and prayed for this conference.  The impossible came to pass through your support of this ministry!!!

God bae i blesem yu bigwan!!!