typhoon ruby - dec 14

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As you may have seen on the news, Super-typhoon Ruby (Hagupit) made landfall in The Philippines on 6 December - killing at least 23 people and causing widespread destruction and flooding in areas that were badly hit last year by super-typhoon Haiyan.

Many houses have been destroyed or seriously damaged, and crops have been lost through the flooding.

Danny Macuha (Batangas & Mindoro) wrote:

“Last night the typhoon Ruby cross in Batangas we experience heavy rain and strong wind, and we thanks God who protect us. Thanks for all your prayers.

Concerning Mindoro. They are all safe, and not too much damage to their property. But many of our brethren are still in the evacuation centres. The rice field newly planted was 70% destroyed because of much flooding. Our Mangyan brethren experience too much rain and strong winds, causing much damage to their source of food.

Please pray for their immediate needs"

Rolly Vasey (Cebu) wrote:

“Praise God! through prayers all over the world, super typhoon Ruby weakened to strong typhoon but still made a tremendous damages, from power cut off, trees have been uprooted and blown down, destroyed rice fields and different kinds of crops, roof houses were blown away and other means of their livelihood wherein they just started.

As of now, most of our brethren are still in the evacuation centers. Praise God! the government immediately distributed relief goods for the evacuees but there are still needs that the Government is not concern so we are praying and hoping that [we -MV] (MV) can make some remedial measures about the immediate needs of our Brethren in Leyte and Samar.”

Philip Gonzales (Mindanao) wrote:

“The typhoon has already passed by or is still somewhere in :Luzon. Cabadbaran was not affected but Cebu, Leyte, Samar and most of the Visayan islands was. Off course the place where Danny is has not been spared.

But thank God it wasn't as strong as Haiyan. I'm been receiving report form our network in Samar and Leyte. It seems they were more prepared for "Hagupit" thus lessening the damage. I will be visiting Leyte Jan 2015.”

Please consider making an urgent donation so that our co-workers can distribute essential assistance to those in urgent need of help - especially in Cebu, Leyte, Samar and the Mangyan tribal people of Mindoro.

They already minister among their own people in The Philippines so are best placed to prioritise and distribute basic essentials such as medicines, blankets foods, body soap and detergent bars to wash clothing.

100% of your donation will go immediately to where it can be used most effectively.

Thank you again for your prayers and support for The Philippines!