Cyclone Idai -
Massive devastation
across Southern Africa

Jaco and Inge le Roux are our co-workers in Mozambique. They've just sent us this report following their survey visit last week to Beira - the 4th largest city and the hardest hit area of the country:

"The devastating Cyclone Idai may be the worst ever disaster to strike the southern hemisphere, according to the UN.

Cyclone Idai has swept through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe 2 weeks ago, destroying almost everything in its path, causing devastating floods, killing and injuring thousands of people and ruining crops. We went up the River Buzi to the Zimbabwe border to bring some relief to an area which has been cut off by broken bridges.

Some food was able to be taken over with a boat made of tree bark. By the time we arrived there the river had calmed down drastically and only signs where crops used to be were left for us to see.

They usually have the 15yr and 100yr flood lines where they plant their crops, and the river surpasses the latter. Taking not only crops, but all domestic animals, houses, and villages along the way.

More than 2.6 million people could be affected. The real toll may not be known for many months as the countries deal with a still unfolding disaster. Lost villages and lives are discovered daily.

Where can you help?

- 2 of our pastors whom we work with closely have lost everything. We will make a trip up again to support them and their community. Also to take Bibles & ministry material.

- With losing their crops and all live stock, they not only lost their food for the next few months, but also no seed to plant the next crop which is the long term crisis. Buying seed is a priority.

- Clothes, Blankets and cooking utensils.

- Transport to distribute will be the next challenge. Contribute to fuel.

Each area has different needs, so it’s so difficult to know where and how we must help. Please pray for us for wisdom and peace. May we be God’s light & love to them. And may He alone receive the glory."

Jaco & Inge le Roux

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