Our Vision

To see the Gospel communicated in all nations

core values

faith statement


To equip and empower the church worldwide to make disciples and transform nations.

We want to see Christians, in every nation, engaged in discipleship until ‘all the ends of the earth’ have heard the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to empower, equip and mobilize the Global Church in missions. Our heartbeat is to create true followers of Jesus Christ.

Involvement in the Great Commission: we encourage all Christians to look beyond themselves to share the love and message of Jesus Christ, both at home and cross-culturally.

Discipleship: we consistently ask ourselves how our ministries are empowering, equipping, and mobilizing national believers to fulfil their destiny to becoming mature in Christ, and fully functioning as Christ’s ambassadors to the world.

Facilitate National Ministry: we focus on strengthening the local church by partnering with and empowering the leadership God is raising up from among them.

Bible Training: we believe that one of the greatest dangers facing the church today is lack of trained and Biblically grounded leadership.

Church planting: a natural byproduct of discipleship.  We strive to help our brothers and sisters “be the church” rather than “do church”.

Strategic Investment: careful investment of resources into projects and programs to enhance the work of the Global church in developing disciples.

Operate a thriving headquarters and build solid financial partnerships to facilitate our mission and vision.

The principles that drive our mission and shape our purpose:

Knowing and loving God

Loving people unconditionally

Empowering and equipping national Christians to fulfil the Great Commission

All Christians are called to make disciples

Maintain integrity, excellence and passion in all we do

Protect the dignity of those we partner with

A commitment to interdenominational ministry

Our beliefs as a mission- the lens through which we see God and people:

We believe God the Father is loving and forgiving

We believe that Jesus, God’s only Son, laid down His life as a perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world

We believe that salvation is available to all who believe and confess Christ as Saviour

We believe  Jesus has called and equips all believers to go into the world to tell, as well as to demonstrate the gospel of the kingdom of God

We believe the Holy Spirit dwells within the life of every believer to teach, equip, anoint, and comfort us to live the Christian life with joy, patience and endurance

We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, profitable for teaching, correction, and training in righteousness, in order that Christ’s redemptive purpose can be known in the world

We believe the church is the organic and corporate expression of God’s purpose and love, comprised of individual believers who worship, love, and care for one another

We believe that discipleship is the key to effective evangelism and ministry.

We believe that effective discipleship must comprehend and address the culture where ministry occurs.

Our story is over 30 years in the making and we’ve come a long way! Here’s how we started:

Missionary Ventures is a servant organization comprised of a diverse group of Christians bound together by our love of God and our commitment to serving Him.  We are committed to drawing people from all nations into deeply personal relationships with God that brings about transformational change in their lives.  Making disciples of all the nations is not only a core value at Missionary Ventures, it is our driving passion.

Founded in 1983, Missionary Ventures International was born from an initial involvement by a small team in Guatemala after a devastating earthquake there in 1976. In support of local churches, short-term mission teams were mobilized to help relieve some of the suffering. From these efforts two core values quickly emerged, a commitment to empowering national Christian leadership and a desire to mobilize the church in missions.

From these humble beginnings involvement spread, geographically, numerically, as well as a maturing of our strategic ministry focus. Discipleship is the common thread which binds our ministries together at Missionary Ventures.  Whether training a pastor, educating a child, or preparing a short-term team member for their cross-cultural experience, we want to see lives transformed and people grow in recognition of the Lordship of Christ.

Today, this vision has grown to include the development of six offices around the globe. Our impact is made by over 140 families in the field, ministering in 75 different nations. By God’s grace the influence of the organization continues to grow rapidly. Everyone is encouraged to become a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and a part of missions – from working full-time on the field to becoming a prayer partner. The strengths of Christians here and abroad combine to make a mighty force.

Our Mission


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